“The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.”

Albert Howard

Passion. Purpose. Nature.

‘There has been an eruption of passion, a reinvigoration of purpose and a deep remembrance in our society of late, to the importance of our connection to Nature.
Community is the real immunity and creating consistent accessibility to nutritious food, education, support and resources have come to be viewed as rebellious acts.
If we are three meals away from Anarchy, then this is a necessary revolution.
Nature always provides the readjustments necessary, in order to continue heaving towards life.
At SWAMP, creating radically responsible communities is our readjustment’

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collaborators &
community supporters

We thank all our collaborators, community supporters and volunteers. 

We would not be where we are without you all. It continuously warms our hearts knowing that we have such a wonderful community around us, who are always ready and willing to lend a hand. To us and the community at large.

You help keep us inspired in what we do and that we are making a difference. 

It is during those times of support and encouragement that reminds us that we are traveling in the right direction.

Emma McBride
David Harris MP
Central Coast Council
ARC Ento Tech
Permaculture Central Coast
Community Environment Network
Pauly MAc
Central Coast Wetlands
Rigatoni for Toni
Eagle Ridge Farm
Farnelli Organics
Grace Springs Farm
Dooralong Farm
Synergy Permaculture
Earthcare Game
Space Whale Therapy
Earth Collective
The Wild Pollinator

The Central Coast Wetlands

Feed Well, Feed Back. Food grown for Community
1897 South Tacoma Road, Tuggerah NSW 2259

Partnership with Arc Ento Tech

Sustainable Education Hub and Commercial Urban Farm
972 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby NSW 2250